Celebration barbecue ?>

Celebration barbecue

2023 barbecue

This week we had a really nice afternoon barbecue with a bunch of people I like to call “star-planet group and friends” – i.e. my own group plus other colleagues mainly from the solar group and the MHD group. We had a lot to celebrate:

  • my postdoc Ekaterina Ilin will start a new postdoctoral position in Groningen very soon, where she will work with Harish Vedantham on radio signatures of star-planet interactions;
  • Prachi Rahate and Joana Wokittel have successfully defended their Master theses (on stellar surfaces and telluric line treatments, respectively);
  • Nikoleta Ilic and Laura Ketzer have handed in their PhD theses (on star-planet interactions and evaporation of young exoplanets, respectively);
  • plus a few other successes of colleagues who got offers for new positions or aced their exams (congratulations, everyone!).

We had a lot of fun and ate enormous amounts of vegan and meaty grill food; as always, a good time with people at AIP!

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