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At the moment, no postdoctoral positions are available.

Inquiries about PhD studentships and summer research studentships are always welcome.

Some general information about those:

PhD studentships are solicited through the QUB portal, with deadlines typically in February each year. Two important things to consider when applying for a PhD position here:

  1. Due to new University regulations, fully funded PhD positions (including tuition and a stipend for living expenses) can only be granted to applicants who are UK residents; EU residents from outside the UK are eligible for tuition waivers, but will have to finance their living expenses from their own savings. The only exception is if the prospective supervisor has external (non-UK) funding available for the PhD student.
  2. In the UK the student typically picks a topic previously advertised by the prospective supervisor; it is uncommon to propose your own research topic for the PhD (even though this is quite usual in other countries).  I personally give quite some leeway with potential research projects, so if you have a good idea and want to check if I would supervise you on your project, just send me an email before applying.

Summer research studentships can be done at QUB and are either funded though the University (see this link for the 2016 round), or your supervisor (i.e. me) can apply for individual funding for you. You will need to contact me at the latest in January of the year when you’d like to do a summer project for that option! In either case, you will receive a stipend of 800 GBP per month. I will announce open projects, but you are also welcome to contact me if you have a projet idea and would like to know if I’d like to supervise you on your project.