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Completed PhD theses ?>

Completed PhD theses

Two PhD students successfully defended their PhD theses after the summer break: Dr. Grace Foster completed her thesis and defense on “X-ray studies of exoplanet systems” in August 2022; Dr. Ekaterina Ilin completed her thesis and defense on “High lights: stellar flares as probes of magnetism in stars and star-planet systems” in September 2022.   Congratulations! Grace has started a job as a data scientist in the US, and Ekaterina will begin a postdoc position in my group on her…

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Musings on teaching ?>

Musings on teaching

I will teach some new lecture courses this fall, and therefore I think a short review of my teaching over the past two years is in order. I’ve taught the module “Computational modelling in physics” twice in a row now, it’s a lecture and computer lab course for the first-year physics students. For some students, it’s the first time they actually program something, while others already have quite some experience when they start university. I introduced the students to Python…

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