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Month: March 2016

Research visit: Edinburgh and St. Andrews ?>

Research visit: Edinburgh and St. Andrews

I’m on a research visit to Scotland this week. I’m giving the lunch talk at the Royal Observatory in Edinburgh and the exoplanet seminar talk at the University of St. Andrews. Talk title and abstract: “Understanding exoplanets and their stellar environment” Exoplanets do not exist in a vacuum, they are embedded into the environment created by their host stars, which means that they are affected by radiation fields, stellar winds, and magnetic phenomena. Since we aim to understand how exoplanets…

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Conference posters ?>

Conference posters

I hate carrying poster tubes to conferences. They’re awkward and it’s an extra luggage item on the plane. Therefore I’ve started having my posters printed on fabric, so that I can just fold them into my suitcase or backpack without damaging them. The best quality I’ve achieved so far was with the fabric printing company “Spoonflower”; see this Astrobites post for details. However, they’re in the US and it takes at least 10 days to get the poster from them,…

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