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Month: June 2016

Cool Stars 19 conference review ?>

Cool Stars 19 conference review

One of my favourite conferences, the Cool Stars Workshop, took place in Uppsala last week. My PhD student Rachel Booth presented her work in a talk at the splinter session on Stellar Magnetic Activity – her first talk at a conference! And she did great! A lot of interesting stuff is going on at the moment with the spin-down and decrease in magnetic activity of old cool stars, and it seems like there may be different trends of rotation with…

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Otto-Hahn-Medal awarded to Rakesh Yadav ?>

Otto-Hahn-Medal awarded to Rakesh Yadav

Great news: my former postdoc and ongoing collaborator Dr. Rakesh Yadav was awarded the Otto-Hahn-Medal of the Max Planck Society. This is a prize the Max Planck Society awards to young scientists for outstanding achievements. Rakesh works on theoretical models of stellar and (exo-)planetary magnetic fields, with a focus on the magnetic dynamo processes in quickly rotating objects. Here’s the link to the press release. Congratulations to Rakesh!