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Month: April 2016

Mission concept: X-ray Surveyor ?>

Mission concept: X-ray Surveyor

The X-ray Vision Workshop was held in DC in October last year, where a large group of astronomers including myself met to discuss the scientific potential of a new X-ray space telescope concept, The X-ray Surveyor. As part of the workshop we held a 2-hour brainstorming session on what kind of new scientific insights could come from this mission, and the results are now available in this publication: Allured et al. 2015, “X-ray Surveyor Discussion Session Results from the X-ray…

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UKEXOM conference ?>

UKEXOM conference

I attended the UKEXOM (UK exoplanet community meeting) in Exeter this week. Very interesting conference, and I finally got to know all the exoplanet people here on this side of the pond. A pretty big group from our University attended (8 people, not bad for our small but growing exoplanet group), including my PhD student Rachel Booth, for whom it was the first academic conference ever. She presented a poster about her work on improved stellar ages from activity measurements,…

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