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Month: March 2022

Paper on solar H alpha emission ?>

Paper on solar H alpha emission

My group recently collaborated with the solar physics group and in particular Dr. Andrea Dierke for an investigation of solar H alpha emission. The paper is now published! Solar H alpha excess during Solar Cycle 24 from full-disk filtergrams of the Chromospheric Telescope Diercke, A.; Kuckein, C.; Cauley, P. W.; Poppenhäger, K.; Alvarado-Gómez, J. D.; Dineva, E.; Denker, C. The chromospheric H-alpha spectral line is a strong line in the spectrum of the Sun and other stars. In the stellar…

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Paper on helium transits of exoplanets ?>

Paper on helium transits of exoplanets

During the first Covid lockdown I started what I call my little pandemic project. But then all the real-life consequences of living through a worldwide pandemic set in, and it took until early this year to wrap up my project. It is finally done! And it is the first single-author paper I have ever written. Here’s some information on the paper: Helium absorption in exoplanet atmospheres is connected to stellar coronal abundances Poppenhaeger, K. Transit observations in the helium triplet…

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