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Research section Stellar Physics and Exoplanets

Prof. Dr. Katja Poppenhaeger (head of group); star-exoplanet systems, stellar magnetic activity, exoplanetary atmospheres, young stars, protoplanetary disks, coronae

Dr. Sydney Barnes (senior scientist); gyrochronology, stellar clusters

Dr. Thorsten Carroll (senior scientist); Doppler Imaging, Zeeman Doppler Imaging

Dr. Matthias Steffen (senior scientist); stellar chromospheres, simulations

Dr. Julián Alvarado-Gómez (postdoctoral researcher, Schwarzschild Fellow); stellar coronal mass ejections, exoplanet atmospheres

Dr. Matthias Mallonn (postdoctoral researcher); exoplanet atmospheres

Dr. Silva Järvinen (postdoctoral researcher); magnetic fields of low-mass and intermediate-mass stars

Dr. Eliana Amazo Gomez (postdoctoral researcher); stellar magnetism and rotation

Dr. Elisabeth Cole-Kodikara (postdoctoral researcher); stellar clusters

Ekaterina Ilin (PhD student); low-mass stars, flares, star-planet systems

Nikoleta Ilic (PhD student); stellar magnetic activity, binary systems

Xanthippi Alexoudi (PhD student); exoplanet detection and characterization

Engin Keles (PhD student); exoplanet atmospheres

Laura Ketzer (PhD student); young exoplanets

Grace Foster (PhD student); X-ray observations of exoplanet systems

Judy Chebly (PhD student); simulations of coronal mass ejections in star-exoplanet systems

Dario Fritzewski (PhD student); stellar clusters

David Gruner (PhD student); stellar spectroscopy

Marzie Hosseini (Master student); light curve analysis of a potential young exoplanet

Alexandre Gillet (Master student); variability of exoplanet albedos

Graduates and former long-term group members:

Rob Wells (PhD student, graduated 2020 from Queen’s University Belfast); exoplanets, transits, habitability

Rachel Booth (PhD student, graduated 2019 from Queen’s University Belfast); stellar ages, stellar magnetic activity, X-ray and optical observations