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Core group – Research group Star-Planet Systems

Prof. Dr. Katja Poppenhaeger (head of group); star-exoplanet systems, stellar magnetic activity, exoplanetary atmospheres, young stars, protoplanetary disks, coronae

Dr. Matthias Mallonn (postdoctoral researcher); exoplanet atmospheres

Ekaterina Ilin (PhD student); low-mass stars, flares, star-planet systems

Nikoleta Ilic Petkovic (PhD student); stellar magnetic activity, binary systems

Xanthippi Alexoudi (PhD student); exoplanet detection and characterization

Engin Keles (PhD student); exoplanet atmospheres

Rachel Booth (PhD student, external); stellar ages, stellar magnetic activity, X-ray and optical observations

Rob Wells (PhD student, external); exoplanets, transits, habitability

Extended group – Research section Stellar Physics and Exoplanets

Dr. Sydney Barnes (senior scientist); gyrochronology, stellar clusters

Dr. Thorsten Carroll (senior scientist); Doppler Imaging, Zeeman Doppler Imaging

Dr. Matthias Steffen (senior scientist); stellar chromospheres, simulations

Dr. Silva Järvinen (postdoctoral researcher); magnetic fields of low-mass and intermediate-mass stars

Dario Fritzewski (PhD student); stellar clusters

Regular collaborators:

Dr Chris Watson (Queen’s University Belfast); stellar activity, granulation, exoplanetary transits, stellar atmospheres

Dr Cecilia Garraffo (Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics); stellar magnetic fields, stellar coronae, stellar winds, numerical simulations, black hole physics

Dr Rakesh Yadav (Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics); stellar magnetic dynamos, low-mass stars, magnetic fields of (exo)planets, numerical simulations

Dr Scott Wolk (Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics); star and planet formation, stellar variability, stellar magnetic activity, star-planet interaction, X-ray observations

Dr Moritz Guenther (MIT); young stars, accretion, stellar coronae, star and planet formation, high-resolution UV and X-ray spectroscopy

Dr Carolina von Essen (Aarhus University); exoplanet spectroscopy, transit timing variations, stellar oscillations, ground-based observations

Dr Victor Silva Aguirre (Aarhus University); stellar evolution, stellar ages, asteroseismology

Prof Simon Albrecht (Aarhus University); binary stars, star-planet systems, orbital obliquities, tidal interaction, transit observations, high-resolution spectroscopy

Dr Luisa Rebull (IPAC/Caltech); star formation, stellar variability, stellar clusters, protoplanetary disks, infrared astronomy

Prof Juergen Schmitt (Hamburg University); stellar high-energy astrophysics, stellar magnetic activity, binary stars, young stars