Mission concept: X-ray Surveyor ?>

Mission concept: X-ray Surveyor

from Allured et al. (2015)

The X-ray Vision Workshop was held in DC in October last year, where a large group of astronomers including myself met to discuss the scientific potential of a new X-ray space telescope concept, The X-ray Surveyor.

As part of the workshop we held a 2-hour brainstorming session on what kind of new scientific insights could come from this mission, and the results are now available in this publication:

Allured et al. 2015, “X-ray Surveyor Discussion Session Results from the X-ray Vision Workshop”, link to ADS.

The format of the brainstorming session was inspired by the “WISE at 5” workshop (Faherty et al. 2015) and kindly led by Jackie Faherty. Also, it was good fun to have 50 astronomers all chatting science at the same time!

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