EAS conference in Krakow ?>

EAS conference in Krakow

A good chunk of my research group plus myself spent last week in Krakow/Poland at the annual meeting of the European Astronomical Society (EAS). First time for me: we all took a “Eurocity” train that goes directly from Berlin to Krakow and takes 7 hours. Ecofriendly, and I was actually less wrung out after the train trip than I would have been after two flights (since there are no direct plane connections between Berlin and Krakow).

The conference itself was quite a lot of fun: held in a nice modern conference center, good food and drink during the breaks, and I met a whole bunch of people I hadn’t talked to in a while (hi Nick, Mario and Sabine!). I gave an invited review on Star-Planet Interactions, and my folks gave contributed talks on AU Mic’s space weather (Julián Alvarado-Gómez), flares triggered by star-planet interactions (Ekaterina Ilin), stellar wind simulations (Judy Chebly), and magnetic variability of massive stars (Silva Järvinen).

Group photo:

My crew at EAS 2023 (left to right: Ekaterina Ilin, Katja Poppenhäger, Judy Chebly, Silva Järvinen, Julián Alvarado-Gómez).

And individual photos below the fold.

Photos from the talks:





and myself:

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