Paper on the magnetic activity of old sunlike stars ?>

Paper on the magnetic activity of old sunlike stars

Chromospheric activity of old sun-like stars as a function of age, with sample stars of spectral type G (green) and late-F (blue), with hotter stars (red) as a comparison. Data from clusters is shown as black symbols. No “coasting” type of behavior, i.e. a stopping of the decay of stellar activity, is seen in this sample.

My freshly graduated PhD student, Dr. Rachel Booth, has published the final paper from her PhD thesis together with me and a few coworkers. We have analysed how the magnetic activity of sun-like stars decays as they age, and have used a sample of stars that all have well-determined asteroseismic ages. We find that even at old stellar ages on the main sequence the spin down and therefore the decay of stellar activity continues.

For a read go here: “Chromospheric emission of solar-type stars with asteroseismic ages“, Booth, R. S.; Poppenhaeger, K.; Watson, C. A.; Silva Aguirre, V.; Stello, D.; Bruntt, H., Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, Volume 491, Issue 1, p.455-467, 2020. (arXiv link).

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