Cool Stars 21 conference in Toulouse ?>

Cool Stars 21 conference in Toulouse

This year the Cool Stars conference – the most important conference for the stellar half of my group’s research – took place in person again, for the first time since the pandemic started. Toulouse hosted the meeting this year, and it was a really good conference, lots of new scientific insights. A pretty big delegation from my group attended: PhD students Laura Ketzer, Ekaterina Ilin, Nikoleta Ilic, Judy Chebly, and guest student Yu Xu; postdocs Eliana Amazo-Gomez and Julián Alvarado-Gomez; and myself. Liz Cole-Codikara, Dario Fritzewski and David Gruner from Sydney Barnes’ subgroup also attended. We scored quite a number of talk slots: Eliana, Nikoleta and myself gave plenary talks, and Julián and Judy gave talks in the splinter sessions. Laura, Ekaterina and Yu presented posters. We also met some previous group members and old friends, such as Alex Gillet, who did his Master’s thesis in my group and is now a PhD student in Antoine Strugarek’s group, and Moritz Günther, Nick Wright, and Ofer Cohen, whom I was office mates with during my postdoc time. Below the fold are some photos from the talks and the conference dinner.

The (almost complete) group at the welcome reception:

Nikoleta’s talk:

Judy’s talk:

Julian’s talk:

My talk:

Laura and Yu at the poster session:

Silly time at the conference dinner:

And Moritz, Nick, Ofer and me (right to left):

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