ELT instrumentation: the ANDES-UBV spectrograph a AIP ?>

ELT instrumentation: the ANDES-UBV spectrograph a AIP

Members of the AIP’s ANDES-UBV team at the Florence kick-off meeting 2022: Katja Poppenhaeger, Joar Brynnel, Jörg Weingrill, Olga Bellido, Julián Alvarado-Gomez (left to right)

The AIP is part of the ANDES consortium, with ANDES being the planned high-resolution, wide wavelength coverage spectrograph for the Extremely Large Telescope (ELT). The AIP is in charge of developing and building the UBV spectrograph of ANDES, and I am leading the UBV development as the PI. The whole ANDES spectrograph will have at least three individual spectrographs, one covering the UBV bands, one covering RIZ, and one covering YJH. An additional K-band spectrogrpah is still under discussion.

ANDES will have lots of exciting science cases, many of them covered in the community white paper from 2013 (link), and a new white paper will be coming up in the next years.

2 weeks ago, after Covid restrictions loosened in many European countries, the kick-off meeting was held in person in Florence, and 5 of the AIP team members including myself attended the meeting. It was very informative, and also really helpful to finally meet our international consortium colleagues in person!

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