New group members and completed Master’s theses ?>

New group members and completed Master’s theses

We have two new group members who joined us this fall: Prachi Rahate, who is a Master student and works with Dr. Eliana Amazo-Gomez on stellar rotation, and Dr. Andy Gallagher, who is a postdoc and works with Dr. Matthias Steffen on 3D NLTE stellar atmospheres. Welcome!

We also had two students successfully complete their Master theses over the summer: Marzie Hosseini completed her thesis on “Transits in the young system PTFO 8-8695, is there a planet?”, as well as Alexandre Gillet, who completed his thesis on the topic “Are there clouds on Ultra Hot Jupiters?”. We were able to have a socially distanced outdoors picnic to celebrate Marzie’s and Alex’s completion of the Master’s degree – it was really nice seeing (almost) the whole group together in person again.

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