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Invited colloquium: “The future of exoplanets”, Hamburg Observatory, Hamburg, Germany, 2016/12/12

Invited review: “Interactions between exoplanets and their host stars”, Exoplanets – Bridging the gap between theory and observations, Bad Honnef, Germany, 2016/11/30

Invited review: “Tidal effects on stellar activity”, IAU Symposium on Living around active stars, Maresias, Brazil, 2016/10/13

Invited review: “Studying exoplanet atmospheres using high-energy spectroscopy”, 47th Annual Meeting APS Division of Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics (DAMOP), Providence, USA,  2016/05/25 (declined)

Invited seminar: “Understanding exoplanets and their stellar environment”, Exoplanet seminar, University of St. Andrews, UK, 2016/03/24

Invited seminar: “Understanding exoplanets and their stellar environment” , Astronomy seminar, Edinburgh Royal Observatory, UK, 2016/03/21


Invited review: “X-rays revealing the physics of exoplanets”, The X-ray Surveyor Conference, Washington DC, USA, 2015/10/8

“Roasting Exoplanets with X-ray Flares from M Dwarfs”, High Energy Seminar, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, USA, 2015/09/30

Invited colloquium: “What X-rays tell us about exoplanet systems”, MIT, USA, 2015/09/29

“Stellar Spin Evolution and the Influence of Hot Jupiters”, ITC Luncheon talk, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, USA, 2015/09/17

Invited review: “Stars and exoplanets: interaction, rotation, activity”, Stellar and Planetary Dynamos Conference, G\”ottingen, Germany, 2015/05/28

“A high-energy view of exoplanets and their host stars”, Sagan/Michelson Fellow Symposium, Pasadena, USA, 2015/05/07

Invited seminar: “Putting a new spin on stellar activity: the tidal effects of Hot Jupiters on their host stars”, Planet and Star Formation Seminar, MPIA Heidelberg, Germany, 2015/04/22

Invited colloquium: “A high-energy view of exoplanets and their host stars”, University of Massachusetts Amherst, USA, 2015/04/02

Invited colloquium: “The evolution of exoplanets and their host stars”, Columbia University, New York, USA, 2015/02/04

Invited review: “The Interactions of Exoplanets with their Parent Stars”, American Astronomical Society Meeting 217, plenary review talk, Seattle, USA, 2015/01/07


“X-ray transits of exoplanets”, Chandra 15 Years Symposium, Boston, USA, 2014/11/20

Invited colloquium: “Exoplanets and their host stars: new insights from high-energy observations”, University of Illinois, USA, 2014/10/21

Invited review: “Stellar magnetic activity: Star-Planet Interactions”, CoRoT Symposium 3/Kepler KASC-7 Meeting, Toulouse, France, 2014/07

Invited seminar: “Why exoplanet research needs X-ray and UV observations”, Astrophysics seminar, Aarhus University, Denmark, 2014/06/23

Invited review: “Exoplanets and their hosts: why exoplanet science needs X-ray observations”, The X-ray Universe, Dublin, Ireland, 2014/06

“A tale of two exoplanets: the inflated atmospheres of the Hot Jupiters HD 189733 b and CoRoT-2 b”, Cool Stars 19 Conference, Flagstaff, USA, 2014/06/09


Invited seminar: “Hot Jupiters and the rotational history of their host stars”, YCAA Seminar, Yale University, New Haven, USA, 2013/11

Invited seminar: “Hot Jupiters and the rotational history of their host stars”, Lunch talk, Boston University, Boston, USA, 2013/10

Invited seminar: “X-ray studies of exoplanet systems: A new spin on the age-activity relationship”, Exoplanet Science Seminar, JPL Pasadena, USA, 2013/04/11

Invited seminar: “How to X-ray an exoplanet”, Lunch Seminar, IPAC, Pasadena, USA, 2013/04/10

Invited colloquium: “How to X-ray an exoplanet”, Albert Einstein Institute, Potsdam, Germany, 2013/01/10


Invited seminar: “Exoplanets and their host stars – the X-ray view”, Faculty Seminar, ESAC, Madrid, Spain, 2012/06/21


Invited review: “Star-Planet Interactions: coronal and chromospheric observations”, Second CoRoT Symposium, Marseille, France, 2011/06