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Total awarded funding in a Principal Investigator role:
ca. 621 000 USD = 438 000 GBP = 546 000 EUR.


STFC consolidated grant 2017-2019, Co-I (PI Smartt), ~189000 GBP Co-I share

Chandra GO, Cycle 18, 2017-2019, “PTFO 8-8695b: the youngest exoplanet or a stellar feature?”, ~25000 USD (science PI, funding Co-I)


STFC, “PATT Linked Grant for observational astrophysics at QUB: 2016 – 2018”, ~47000 GBP (PI)

Chandra GO, Cycle 17, 2016, “Creating a gold standard sample of ages and activity for old cool stars”, ~20000 USD (science PI, funding Co-I)

Chandra GO, Cycle 17 , 2016, “Is Fomalhaut b an exoplanet or a neutron star?”, ~17000 USD (science PI, funding Co-I)


HST GO, Cycle 23, 2015, “The magnetic activity puzzle of the super-earth host star KOI-314”, ~18000 USD (science PI, funding Co-I)


Chandra GO, Cycle 16, 2014, “An Age-Activity Calibration for Old Low-Mass Stars”, ~65500 USD (PI)

NASA ADAP, round 2013, awarded 2014, “Exoplanet transits in X-rays: a new observational window to the exoplanetary atmosphere”, ~74000 USD (PI)

Chandra DDT, Cycle 15, 2014, “X-ray driven evaporation of exoplanet atmospheres: discovery of a uniquely suited test system”, ~16000 USD (PI)


Chandra GO, Cycle 15, 2013, “Do exoplanets spin up their host stars?”, ~80000 USD (PI)

HST GO, Cycle 21, 2013, “A Pilot Study to Characterize the Lyman Alpha Emission of Active Exoplanet Host Stars”, ~34000 USD (funding PI, science Co-I)

NASA Sagan Fellowship, 2013, “Understanding exoplanet systems through high-energy observations”, ~248000 USD (PI)