Moving sale / give-away ?>

Moving sale / give-away

We’re moving to Germany and don’t want to take all of our things with us, so if any friends from the Belfast area would like to take any of these items off our hands, let us know. First come, first served – send a message to myself or Toby (text, facebook, or email) to reserve something for you. Free stuff at bottom of page. Things can be picked up at our home between 20. and 23. September.

(reserved for G. + M.) Car, Mazda 3 2007, ca. 80000 km, MOT good until Feb. 2019, 1000 GBP:

– Vacuum cleaner, Hoover “Velocity” bagless, several exchangeable nozzles, 30 GBP:

(reserved for K.A.) Battery jump starting pack for car, including cables, 20 GBP (we actually had to use this once after we had the car parked for a couple weeks at the airport, so we know for certain it works with our car):

Stuff our kiddo has grown out of:

– High chair, IKEA model BLÅMES, 15 GBP:

– Bed for baby/toddler, height adjustable, one side with bars removable, 2 drawers, IKEA model STUVA, includes mattress and 2 sheets, 60 GBP:

– Changing table for baby/toddler, IKEA model GULLIVER, 30 GBP:

(reserved for C.M.) Baby carrier, brand “Manduca”, red – £30


– electric room heater, ca. 50cm wide, FREE:

(reserved for J.P.) HP printer (laser black and white), can also copy and scan, FREE:

(reserved for G.T.) TV screen ca. 80cm (works with US voltage, includes external voltage transformer) (i.e. it works here in the UK, you’ll just have the voltage transformer box sitting between the TV and the power outlet), FREE:

– 2 large bags of Megablocks, FREE:

– Cat climbing tree, 3 levels, FREE